pump to jump

Pump to Jump is a 4-player game which involves speed, stamina and teamspirit. One of the four players is called “The Jumper”, the other three players are called “The Pumpers”. These pumpers build up air pressure with a pump. This air pressure will be used to controle the game. Out of the Pump to Jump playground pillars rise up one by one completely random. It’s the jumpers task to jump on these pillars in order to push them back down before the time is up. For every pillar which is pushed back in time the team gets one point. The faster the pumpers pump, the faster the pillars will rise and the more points can be collected. It’s very important that the jumper keeps up with the speed of the pumpers. If not, the pumpers need to slow down. Therefore cooperation is very important.

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4 spelers / 50 per uur


2 x 230V 16A


13.2m x 12m x 3m (L X B X H)

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